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Challenging You to Be The Best Leader You Can Be

The focus of our programmes is to help executives acquire a "coaching style of leadership“. A rapidly growing number of senior executives understand that this is the leadership style that enhances organisational engagement.

A coaching style of leadership encourages executives to act appropriately, manage complexity better, and, last but not least, leverage the creative potential and readiness of their staff to assume personal responsibility. 

It is our fundamental understanding that there is not ONE model for coaching and leading, and hence on all of our courses we work with you to identify your own model and your own style. 

We offer high faculty-to-student ratios, small groups and plenty of opportunity to put learning into practice. Become a leader who uses, with ease, a coaching style of leadership. Investing in an accredited programme not only enhances your executive CV but also shows you are a leader who cares.

Develop Your Organisation's Competitive Edge

As CEO, Leader of a Business Unit, Head of HR or L&D manager, investing in the coaching capacity of your organization ensures its competitive advantage.

Coaching concentrates on an organisation’s key assets, its people - both as individuals and team members – and brings about profound changes in behaviour at every level. It supports the core traits of productivity in the modern company: adaptability, accountability, trust and innovation.

Find out how to:

  • make coaching skills the backbone of your company’s leadership culture
  • employ the benefits of coaching within leadership teams
  • access an international network of accredited coaches
  • create a coaching culture within your organisation
  • develop and manage an internal coaching capacity in your organization