Building Engagement in your Business

Employee engagement surveys regularly demonstrate that good leadership is one of the main factors for productive and committed organisations. The results also show that Managers feel under great pressure to develop their leadership skills. They want be recognised and take on increasing responsibilities - or they leave.

The quality of leadership has become a key competitive factor!

Regardless of the particular corporate culture, a key element in executive development is acquiring and practicing a coaching style of leadership. Values and principles are irrelevant when senior executives have not learned to internalise these into their specific behaviours and skills – enabled to walk the talk.

Developing coaching skills makes a dramatic difference for executives needing to increase their impact in leading people and push strategies to success. And as individuals, to show independence and encourage initiative. These skills support a leadership approach where executives delegate with trust. An executive, effectively coaching his direct reports, building strong teams and having strategic impact is tomorrow’s leadership role model.

General and Functional Management have to empower their people to take ownership, make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. If they are not doing this, the business suffers - employee engagement falls and results slip behind targets.

Typical Issues

If you are experiencing any of the 5 following in your business, then developing coaching skills will help your executives deliver a step-change in results:

  • Things take longer to deliver than needed and/ or promised.
  • Lack of clarity and alignment within Customer and Company.
  • Lack of process ownership by key personnel.
  • Email and cc list preference vs face-to-face communication. 
  • High or growing headcount turnover.

AoEC Germany are experts in supporting executives make
the shift to a coaching leadership style.

We have Open-Enrolment Courses for individual executives and are also able to offer personalised In-House Programmes to meet your specific corporate needs. Reflecting the broader global trend to use English as the common business language, our programmes are delivered in English.