The AoEC Germany Approach

Special features of the AoEC approach to coaching skills for executives:

Programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of senior executives and their leadership challenges. Coaching theory is incorporated into the real life business world, in a way that is relevant and meaningful for participants.

Our programmes are accredited and recognised by the largest and most widely recognised bodies in the coaching industry. Thus, you can be sure that course content and design correspond to the highest international standards.

Any customisation you may require to meet the needs of your executives and business will be made so as to retain criteria for international accreditation.

AoEC Germany will provide a scope, which draws on their extensive experience as an integrated part of large-scale change and leadership development programmes.

Our faculty members bring extensive experience to the programme at three levels:

  • as experienced professional leadership coaches
  • as former senior executives, they are sparring partners to participants
  • as business people who know the challenges of transferring new skills to the executive sphere. Not providing textbook training, but appreciating and building on the wealth of experience participants bring into the programme.

The programmes are designed and delivered in English. For non-native speakers, a side benefit of this is to gain confidence leading people and having “difficult conversations” in English – the global language of the business world.