Embedding a Coaching Style of Leadership

This is an eight-day, comprehensive programme for companies that are looking to initiate a dramatic shift in the overall performance of their leaders and executives.

In a world where increasing volatility, complexity, ambiguity and unpredictability challenge traditional leadership roles, organisations must find a way to champion the growth of a coaching culture. This programme provides a mechanism for organisations to reach this end through transformation of their leaders.

This programme is delivered in English, as more and more companies use this as their company language. Thus, executives also learn to feel comfortable engaging in coaching conversations with their people, in English.

Programme Purpose

This is a demanding programme. It powerfully supports organisations in helping executives revamp their leadership approach and gain the ability to coach and develop their direct reports. Thus contributing to a new culture of accountability and learning.

Programme Content

The programme uses the AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching as its base and adds personalised elements for participant organisations. It provides leaders and executives with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to refine their own coaching style of leadership: their personal 'signature presence'. They gain the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to embed well-grounded coaching skills into their leadership style. They increase their ability to discover and act on coachable moments, and to structure and facilitate effective 1:1 coaching conversations with their reports, peers and customers.

Programme Set Up

Programmes are offered both in-house as well as open-enrolment for corporate clients.


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Programmes are offered in-house for corporate clients