Increase commitment and productivity

Increase commitment and productivity - Coaching Skills for Leaders

Employee surveys regularly show: good leadership is one of the main factors for productive and committed employees. They also show: run top-down no longer works - executives want to improve the effectiveness of their leadership, take responsibility and get recognition - or go.

The quality of leadership has become a key competitive factor!

This is a central element, independent of the particular corporate and leadership culture that executives acquire a coach guiding style and practice: Values and Principles remain empty words, as long as (senior) executives have not learned specific behaviors and insights with them to link - the ability "to walk the talk".

Coaching skills to master makes all the difference for managers to report more effectively lead their Direct and successfully implement their strategies. They are expanding their leadership authority and give the initiative more space. Use coaching skills creates a trust-based delegation of tasks and cooperation. A leader that collaborates with the members of its management team in a coach guiding style that builds a strong, policy-oriented team and is acting the role model for the leadership practice of tomorrow.

Executives in general management or functional leadership positions need to give their employees the power to make decisions and to take responsibility for their actions. Does their leadership practice contrary to the business suffers - employee engagement drops and the business results fall short of the targets.

Typical problems

If you notice any of the following five fault patterns in your business, then the acquiring and practicing coaching skills will help your employees to improve their performance by leaps and bounds:

  • Work orders take longer than necessary and / or promised.
  • Ambiguity and lack of alignment between the customer and the corporate. 
  • An important interfaces lack of process ownership. 
  • Communication takes place primarily via email and distribution lists, and not often enough in person. 
  • High or increasing employee turnover.

AOEC Germany is an expert resource for organisations that would like their executives to make the transition to a coaching style of leadership.

AOEC Germany offer tailored in-house programs for businesses, as well as open courses for individual executives. Recognising the growing trend for English as a corporate language, all programs are offered in English only.